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Prescription Refills:

Our Easy-Fill program includes both Telephone Easy-Fill, an automated telephone service and Internet Easy-Fill, our interactive online refill system...

These programs allow you to:

  • Request prescription refills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Check Pharmacy hours.

Our Internet Easy-Fill site has been designed with your needs in mind:

  • Go to our Easy Fill site
  • Enter your prescription number
  • Choose your pick-up time

Click Here to get started!

To use our Telephone Easy-Fill system:

  • Call Your Local Tops Pharmacy.
  • Follow the easy prompts to request prescription refill.
  • Choose your pick up time.
  • Telephone Easy-Fill still gives you the option to speak directly with your Tops Pharmacist during regular business hours

Click Here to find a Tops Pharmacy near you.

Notice of Privacy Practices

The notice below describes how medical information or health information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can access this information. Please review it carefully.

Click here to view our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Clic aqui para ver nuestro aviso de discreción practica.

Click here for the HIPAA information release form.

Switch Debug Code

This code is used by the webmaster to track down website problems, please ignore the following chart.

Item Value
vURL_Path Wellness/Refills_And_Transfers/
vWebApp Wellness
vWebAppSW /Wellness/Switch/Wellness_SW.las
File Exists true
vStub /Wellness/Pages/RefillsAndTransfers_S.las
File Exists true
aAppElements array: (Refills_And_Transfers)
vAppElementsCount 1
aAppElements 1 Refills_And_Transfers

Version Object Tests

$versions >= 'Consumer Accounts,6.0.0': true

variable_defined('versions'): true

Retailer's App Versions

App Retailer's Version Default Version Latest Version
circulars 6.7.13
consumer accounts 6.0.0
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grocery newsletters 1.5.1
PDF circulars 1.1.0
recipes 4.7.2
shopping lists 3.17.5
store locator 2.10.0
donations 1.0.0
* client_IP:
* $vS->type: string